Seeds of Sorcery

Seeds of Sorcery

Seeds of Sorcery is a combination between puzzle and adventure story

Seeds of Sorcery is an interesting game, a combination between puzzle and adventure story for children. The action takes place in a fictitious land called Sorceria. You (the main hero) travel with your teacher Alina all over the land. You must solve a great deal of puzzles, which are set by the imps (fairy tale creatures). In order to survive in the game, the hero must cope with the Seeds of Sorcery, which threaten to overwhelm him.

Its graphical user interface is most appealing for young children. The Seeds are colored balls, which the player has to combine in lines. When a line of the same color of seeds is formed, they all explode. There are bonuses available that help the player to make combos (massive clearances of seeds). If all levels are completed the player becomes the greatest and most famous magician in the Land.

Although the storyline is interesting, the game is suitable only for children because it is based on a fairy tale story and there is little chance that adults would play it. The puzzles are also a little boring for grownups. The player should constantly direct his or her attention to making a line of colored balls following a plot, and nothing more.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Interesting storyline, plenty of bonuses


  • Designated basically for children
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